Why the scents of my reed diffuser has gone? Because of it!

Reed diffuser is not just the aesthetic work of art, but fragrance and highly designed objects in their own right. They use wooden sticks or reeds to pull the fragrance oils from the bottom of the bottle to the top of the reed, where the scent then evaporates into the air. Unlike candles or electric diffuser, reed diffusers don’t require any flames, plugs, or batteries. I often get feedback from my clients. Why does the reed diffuser I bought smell mo smell? Today let www.carperfumechina.com tell you that’s why?

  • Olfactory adaptation

As we all know, each natural essential oil has its own unique fragrance.The scent we smell comes from the volatile matter of oil particles released into the air, captured by our nose and stimulated by the smell nerve. People’s sense of smell is very complex and sensitive, the same smell, different people have different olfactory nerve reaction. At the same time, People’s sense of smell is highly adaptable and they will have a dependent reaction to the same smell for a long time. Once adapted to the presence of a certain smell, the olfactory nerve will also become accustomed to the presence of the smell and reduce the neural response. This make us fell the scents subdued after a period of time that the sweet atmosphere is not as fragrant as at the beginning. That is not because the diffuser had no fragrant, not because the nose had a problem, just the smell’s sense adapted to this kind of fresh flavor.

Solution: Buy 2-3 kinds of different aromatherapy reed diffuser and use them alternately or change the position that diffuser puts regularly, so olfactory can be sensitive rise again to feel rich clear fragrance!

  • Sticks jam

Generally, there are two kinds of sticks used in the diffuser on the market , one is fiber, the other of reed. Reeds get dusty and clogged over time and lose efficiency. No matter which one, once the stick is becoming saturated and will be blocked, reducing the ability of their adsorption and sweet smelling. A sticks used for too long will block the transmission of pure scent.

Solution: it is necessary to replace the cane regularly. It is generally recommended to replace the cane once every 1-3 months.

  • Influenced by diffusion range

In fact, the aroma will spread throughout the room, and when you enter the room you will smell it. Think of the diffuser as a bunch of flowers,when you walk by when you smell it, but it doesn’t necessarily fill the entire room. It is also quite normal to smell within one square meter of the diffuser, but if the room is more than 20 square meters and may not work.

Solution: two bottles of reed diffuser are recommended for more than 20 square meters of rooms.