Aromatherapy candles for British Royal Family: Price’s Candles

Recently, The royal wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle has put the British royal family back in the headlines! Today we share an aroma candle brand used by the queens: Price’s excuse.

Price’s Candle was born in 1830 and was officially established as a royal product for the British royal family in 1840. He was not absent from every royal pomp and banquet and became the largest wax company in the world at that time. Nowadays, he still holds four royal licenses and 114 candle patents. His unique patented technology “Odourfoyl” can clean the air efficiently and reduce the poisonous substance to human body.

Each of candles is designed for a specific purpose and is color-coded. Blue is special for removing second-hand smoke, green is special for kitchen, yellow suit to the home having pet, white is “outside the window series”.

Secondhand smoke is a nightmare for non-smokers. Price’s blue deodorant series is designed to eliminate smoke. Citrus and clove aromas remove the foul smoke from the air and purify the surrounding air. Take a deep breath of her fresh air and you’ll wake up a lot.

What the kitchen fears most is the smell of all kinds of lampblack. Have you found it? Every time you did “heavy taste” dishes, even if turning on the exhaust system, the lampblack will not go away for a long time. Green series, “dispel kitchen peculiar smell” is the good companion that purify kitchen air to lampblack. If you don’t know what to do, look at the sign on the package paper, If it’s a plate and a cup, that’s right.

With so many pet owners these days, Price’s pet series is great choice to get rid of pet odors. The series is mainly yellow, and the logo features a cartoon cat that is easy to recognize. Its aroma is a combination of sweet orange, lemon and thyme, which can effectively remove pet odor and sweat stink and make you feel refreshed.

If you want to feel the different aroma, you can choose this Price’s window series. The pure white design is clean and comfortable, making you notice it immediately. Blends of Light lilies, elegant violets and citrus flowers make you feel the beauty of nature even at home.

Excluding the four functional aromatherapy candles listed above, Price’s also introduced a series of aromatherapy scented candles with two flavors, jasmine and geranium. The design of the glass container is not very different from that of a typical aromatherapy candle but a unique flavors. Today in a consumer-led market where 80% of candle sales are purely decorative, the Price’s Candles company has focused on new ranges of perfumed essential oil candles and aromatherapy products. So if you like it,choose your own royal candles.