Which kind of essential oil diffuser is suitable for home ?

Essential oil diffusing allows you to enjoy the aromatic benefits of essential oils in a safe and beneficial method for your entire family. Everyone knows scented candles, that must be a essential household goods. There are a few different kinds of essential oil diffusing for home except candles. Here are some tips based on our research and personal experience, hoping to give you our best guides.

Reed diffuser

This type of diffuser is made using a small container filled with essential oil. Reeds or other porous sticks are placed in the oil to draw it up so that it can evaporate into the air. This is a subtle and especially effective way of dispersing essential oils. Reed oil diffuser is handy for small spaces especially bedroom.

Heating Diffusers

A few drops of oil are applied to a pad on the device which uses no water at all. When the diffuser is turned on, the pad is warmed, and the oil evaporates, scenting the surrounding air. Some examples include ceramic rings intended to be used with light bulbs or candles. There are also electric devices intended to heat the oil on its own or mixed with water to produce scented steam.

Evaporative Diffuser

This is an easy method of diffusing oil is easy to move and requires no power source. A ceramic or glass device that looks like a candelabra is an updated version of scented candles. It involves simply placing drops of essential oil on a porous surface and allowing them to evaporate naturally. Pour two thirds of the water over the top of the lid and drop in 1 to 4 drops of essential oil, light the candle, and place it in the furnace below. The combination of flickering candlelight and fragrances creates a romantic and warm atmosphere.

Ultrasonic diffusers

Ultrasonic diffusers allow you to distribute the tiniest components of an essential oil into the air through fast vibrations. Ultrasonic diffusers provide a cool mist humidifier with a quality essential oil diffuser and it has an intermittent flow that helps to diffuse for a longer period of time. Some styles have a night light feature that can also be turned off.

Ventilating Diffusers

Ventilating Diffusers make air moving quickly to speed up the volatilization to achieve the purpose of spreading the fragrance. It use a small fan to evaporate and disperse particles of aroma essential oil are quite cheap and do not damage the chemical composition of the oil. but it consumes too much oils and can only be used in summer. For a very small space (e.g. your bedroom), this might be a nice idea.

The essential oil diffusing described above has its advantages and disadvantages, you should select according to its application and your space. For example, candles are suitable for creating romance; The reed diffuser is suitable for the home porch; The most advanced kind of diffuser is ultrasonic diffuser, a modern and high-tech device. If you are a smart home fanatic, it’s your dish. Your experience might vary, but I hope to give you a starting point to explore diffusing safely.