How many types of reed diffuser do you know?

Reed diffusers are great choices to add constant fragrance to your home. Reed diffuser is mainly absorbed by stick’s ends and send out into the air through good-water and oil absorption as well as the volatile medium, such as cotton, cane, strip, rattan, etc., By increasing or decreasing the number of sticks, the aroma can be adjusted to be strong and weak. More sticks, the stronger and less stick, the subtle. However, the number of the stick will faster the speed of volatile oil.

Nowadays reed diffuser has developed many different types and shapes. Upgraded “reeds” have more beautiful shapes and more diverse materials. Today, we’ll take a look at the latest and most fashionable reed diffuser.


1 Dendritic type(reed)

2 Flower type(Strip)


3 Cotton rope and flower type

4 Flower shaped diffused stone

Flower shaped diffused stone

5 Charcoal stick type

In fact,no matter what material or shape, the principle of they work is the same. Now make your own diffuser with a container and some sticks you have at home. Any small, non-porous container with a narrow opening (like a small wine bottle) will work well.