Why are so few people using aroma diffuser in China

Why are so few people using aroma diffuser in China?

There are a range of aroma diffuser in the market,you can easily find one that will scent your bedroom and house with comfortable smell.Aroma diffuser are very common and popular in foreign countries. In ancient China, from the emperor to the nobility, speice was widely used as aromatherapy to remove odor.China is the biggest producer and manufacturer of aroma products,but it is not as popular as it ‘s in abroad.Why did it happen? I think there are three reasons:

The expensive price

Take scented candles for example. The price of a 70g Diptyque candle is about 200 to 300 yuan and burns for 30 hours. Somebody think it’s not worth it. Or in the process of combustion, people may produce the adaptability and feel that the more used,the light smell. Moreover, the price of scented candles at TAOBAO is polarised,from 10 yuan without mailing fee to the foreign brands at least 200 yuan. As a general consumer, most people would think that 10 yuan is not reliable, more than 200 is too expensive.Therefore,at the same price, some people prefer to do something else, such as buying a dress or eating a meal.

Cultural differences

If you get used to use aromatherapy, price is not a problem. Southeast Asian countries have had the habit of burning incense since ancient times. Many stores sell the local fragrance tower and very cheap. Although it’s not quite high-grade product, but reflected that people to household aroma to have relatively high usage habit. In contrast, Chinese consumers are not so hungry for aromatherapy products, they are accustomed to the insipid environment,many Chinese feel that the smell is a disturbance in some cases (such as working). There are also many people who believe that aromatherapy products are only used in certain situations. For example, incense is used for sacrificial or mosquito repellent, and when aromatherapy is needed in the home,the first thing is to open the window, even if the home is finished. Some people think it is unlucky to give candles to people as a gift. Some cities have bad air quality, Everyone wants to purify the indoor air instead of using aromatherapy.

Immature market

Essential oil is the raw material of aroma diffuser generally.Some essential oil merchants and so-called “experts” boast it has magical effect such as breast enhancement/thin leg/aphrodisiac/increasing/radiation protection/cure fever to cheat some consumers.That also allow more consumers to distrust essential oils, which will not make them feel good about aromatherapy products. Besides, the threshold of home fragrance is relatively low, but it is not easy to do well, which results in a lot of low price and inferier products on the market, but good brands are expensive. For example, in the case of a weed aroma diffuser, 90% of products under 50 yuan sold on taobao, some of which have no information of quality certificate, manufacturer and so on. Fifty yuan including mail fee, bottle, and reed,Could that be a qualified product?

Happily, China’s market is opening up. There are more and more fragrant shops and shopping malls using aroma diffuser. For example, the young and energetic men’s fragrance at A&F stores, the heavy wood-smell in Massimo Dutti’s store and Sometimes, when consumers are buying clothes, they want to buy the same smell of the same style at home. In modern society, people also pay more and more attention to the comfort in terms of smell to improve or beautify the home environment.According to person’s preference, it can be an air purifier.Or you can buy flowers to go home regularly to add good smell and looking in your house.

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