How to select Electric Mosquito Coil

How to select electric mosquito coil

(1) When purchasing electric mosquito coils, be sure to read the instructions, select low-toxic, non-irritating products, and choose a more reliable brand. Look at the packaging to indicate the approval number of the State Agriculture Commission and the exact composition and content of the drug.

(2) The selection of electric mosquito repellent devices depends on the appearance of scratches, cracks, deformation, etc., to see if the origin, manufacturer, and operating instructions are complete.

(3) Check if the indicator light is on after power on. Check if the temperature rise is normal. A momentary heat transfer plate should have a hot feeling. Small pieces of paper can be placed for observation. After 2 to 3 minutes of general power, the paper will be heated and bent, but it will not turn yellow.

(4) There should be no obvious color difference on the surface of the electric mosquito-repellent incense tablet, no defect of the film base, and no mildew. The smell is aromatic and suitable for use, no stimulation, no ash residue, no open fire.

(5) Liquid mosquito-repellent liquid should be transparent and colorless or slightly yellow without sedimentation, and the caps are tightly sealed without leakage. When used, they are also non-irritating and non-flaming.

(6) Good liquid mosquito-repellent wick

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