Who is not suitable for essential oils diffuser

Who is not suitable for essential oils diffuser?

Using a right essential oils diffuser, you can establish the perfect environment for study, discussion, meditation, relaxation, sleep, or even romance. Diffused oils can also help deal with problems in the environment such as mold and mildew, dust, viruses and bacteria, pet dander, and even insect pests. Oil diffusers do more than just create a pleasant environment. 100% botanical essential oil dispersed into the air is absorbed by your body to help mitigate problems caused by pain, chemical imbalance, and illness. Do you know which group is not suitable for using essential oils diffuser?


Some volatile, aromatic ingredients in essential oil has certain medicinal properties, may be harmful to body. Such as cloves, fennel, cinnamon has the action blood circulation; Lavender and angelica dahurica have the function of activating blood and silting. But for women in the early stages of pregnancy (within three months of pregnancy), they can easily cause miscarriages. Those ingredients absorbed or inhaled by the mother body, may affect the development of the placenta, which can cause damage to the fetus that is not fully developed.

But that doesn’t mean all pregnant women can’t use it. In the mid and late pregnancy, fetal development is stability, moderate essential oils are available (e.g., bergamot). You even can massage the legs with dilution oils according to the scale of 1:100 to reduce puffiness during pregnancy, help pregnant blood flow in the legs and improve edema.


Little infants (less than 1 years old) are not recommended to use any essential oil diffusers. Children aged 1-6 can use some mild oils such as lavender, sweet orange, Roman chamomile, tea tree, orange, etc and 2 drops each time is appropriate.

You need to control the dose of essential oil fragrance strictly when there are children in your home and choose high quality pure natural essential oils, aroma diffuser should put the right place where children can’t touch in order to avoid accidents.

People suffering respiratory disease

Burning aromatherapy not only gives off a sweet smell, but also produces soot particles, which can cause allergies if inhaled or exposed by people with respiratory problems. In addition, if the air in the room is not circulated, burning incense will increase the concentration of harmful gases such as carbon dioxide. Especially in the use of chemical ingredients of air fresheners, solid fragrances, these chemical contamination of air will result from a lack of oxygen to the body fatigue, allergic constitution of the people also may appear allergic reactions such as itching, asthma, rhinitis, and may even trigger disease patients with respiratory disease.

When selecting essential oil diffuser, considering the quality is important and necessary. A q essential oil diffuser not only can improve the flavor of your home but also good for your body. So come to weihaisz.com for the right aroma reed diffuser, there are many natural treatments you can turn to, and a sensible natural remedie will usually reap better results than the use of powerful chemicals.