What’s the best way using scented candles

What’s the best way using scented candles ?

The candles are no longer merely illuminated, modern life has given them more functions. Nowadays, scented candles are transformed into a new way of life from traditional lighting tools, and popular among young people. There are more and more people purchase scented candles at home for a rainy day. So come to the the question, how can we better use scented candles?Here are some tips for you.

Step 1: A ventilated room. What I mean is not opening the window when you light the candle. You have to make sure that the room is just ventilated before you light the candle. Otherwise, it is very difficult to exert the maximum effect of aromatherapy candles. Imagine that when a room full of cigarette smoke, at this time you lit a scented candle, and the aromatherapy and the smoke mixed, What would that smell like?

Step 2: No wind in the house. When the candle lit, it is easy to be shaken or flickered with air current. You should choose a place where there is no intense air flow, that the corner without wind, make the combustion more stable and effective.

The two steps above are necessary when lighting a candle. After burning for about 10 minutes, there will be a faint fragrance. The scented candles made of natural bean wax can be burned at a low temperature without smoke, they won’t produce impurities and need to be trimmed, which are extremely convenient. In general, the burning lasted 20 minutes to 40 minutes, there are enough fragrant in the room already, when burning more than two hours, the aroma is too full, just the opposite.

Lighting way: some people think a lamp that aromatherapy oil candle will do the trick, also some people like to put seven or eight or more of the candle candlestick, it is not special restrictions, if your room is enough big, more than a few candles, what does it matter as long as appropriate, form and quantity is not the key factor.

Also, don’t burn scented candles at the same time in the same room.After lighting a candle, try another scent.Then let the air in the room first, make sure the room does not have sweet atmosphere again, light another scented candle.

Sometimes the fragrance becomes less important. Think about it. After a busy and tiring day, a great way to relax is by lighting your favorite scented candle, putting a little light music, that must be the most comfortable moment of the day.

If you want to fuel your love for cosy nights in, without worry about the price tag, you can try making one by your own. Not only is it super easy but it puts the power in your hands, allowing you to have fun mixing scents that you lover or partner.