250,000 PCS Fiber Perfume Wicks for Home Usage Perfume in Italy

Project Time: March, 2015

Project Location: Italy

Product Used: Fiber perfume wick

Qty:  250,000 pcs

Features:  fiber wick use in perfume diffuser, size diameter 7 mm, length 70mm, good water absorption and stable volatile.

250,000 PCS Fiber Perfume Wicks for Home Usage Perfume in Italy


This customer found our website, and sent an inquiry to us at the beginning of November 2014, introduced his company and what he need currently, and ask us to offer best price and minimum order quantity .we replied this inquiry within 4 hours. This customer has more than 10 years of rich purchasing experience in cosmetic product.

We discuss the wick size and density, soft or hard wick, and which product used in.


We suggest test our 2 type fiber wick, soft one and hard one. We send our company info to this customer, so that customer had a general impression of us and knew that we are a manufacturer of fiber wick. Firstly, he confirmed fiber stick size, material, color, density.

There are 2 type fiber wick diameter 7 mm, length 70 mm. Each of 20 pieces samples to send. The samples are free, the samples shipping cost by courier prepaid to us by the customer.

The samples reach their office in 4 days. They arranged to test.

After 2 months later, he feedback us this soft wick fit for their perfume product application.


First order 25,000 pcs fiber wick size diameter 7 mm, length 70mm, white color. This order we finish in 30 days. Our team fast feedback and good support give the customer good expression.

After that, 200,000 pcs order, 250,000 pcs continue to order about every 6 months.

Weihai is a leading diffuser refill wick & fiber sticks manufacturer, wholesale supplier from China focus on developing, manufacturing and selling of various high quality long lasting diffuser fiber sticks, with our replacement reed diffuser sticks, your spaces can always maintain fresh smelling. Customized order would be highly appreciated. Please contact admin@weihaisz.com if you are looking for reliable reed diffuser fiber sticks factory.

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