20,000 PCS Water Absorb White Synthetic Fiber Wicks for Warsaw, Poland

Project Time: August, 2018

Project Location: Poland

Product Used: white synthetic fiber wicks

Qty:  20,000 pcs

Features:  absorb water wick, size diameter 12 mm, length 180mm, application is to absorb water from a hole in a product.

20,000 PCS Water Absorb White Synthetic Fiber Wicks for Poland


This customer found our website, and sent an inquiry to us at the beginning of August 2018, They try find a supplier of fiber sticks in size of length 180 mm and diameter 12 mm.  Application is to absorb water from a hole in product and ask which materials are available.


3 issues discuss with the customer:
1,  fiber stick applications
2,  hard or soft wick?
3,  the height of the soaking

They need medium density. need the stick to hold shape but also to have porosity to absorb water. The stick becomes saturated with water.

They would like to try and experiment with a few different types of stick to see what happens in their application. It is a new idea so they do not know for sure.  We specially make 2 kinds of samples in different hardness and porosity in 12 mm diameter to them to test.  After the sample sticks have arrived.  they test them in their application.

They said will see what results have on the sticks we have sent,  then decide if it is necessary to change density. 1 month later, their team thinks still need to change the density for wick to absorb the water.


Our engineer adjusts the fiber wick density according to the customer requirement 2 times. The 3rd time the samples test ok.

For trial order 20,000 pcs polyester fiber wick size diameter 12 mm, length 180mm, white color. This order we finish in 10 days.  After that,  20,000 pcs order continue to order about every 6 months.

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