How to keep the scented candles properly ?

In the bedroom and lounge room, the scented candles are necessary things. Complex scents help people to wind down. Fresh scents are perfect for the kitchen and room, where as sweet fragrances are needed to fill such large spaces. Do you know how to keep scented candles at home properly?

Unopened scented candles and opened candles are indistinguishable in the shelf life, they can be used normally within two years, just like regular perfume. In an another words, scented candles do not have a shelf life, but they can’t be stored long. It’s best to use the product while the fragrance is fresh or within the first 24 months of purchase. If you would like to store them for later, do so in a cool, dark place (just like wine). If stored correctly, most scented candles will last about two years.

Sweet scented candle is very sensitive to light and temperature, in order to avoid the unused candle to change color and melt, the best preservation temperature should not exceed 27 degrees. Avoid placing candles near open windows, doors, ceiling fans, curtains, air conditioners or anywhere the candle will be near an air current. Drafts can cause rapid and uneven burns and can cause lightweight materials to blow into the flame where they could catch fire. And it’s better to cover when putting out, otherwise it’s easy to get gray, and the bigger problem is that lose the smell easily. If you have no a cover and don’t want to buy it alone, keep the packaging.

Do you want scented candle last long? Remember that when lit it for the first time, you should make sure that the surface layer of wax candles completely melted to form a flat pool and then go out. Because the candle is a memory, if not according to the above method to burn for the first time, next time the wax candle will remember the place where last time burning will not to be burnt in subsegment level but Vertical downward, forming an ugly hole for long time. Therefore, as long as the first time to burn the full wax pool, no matter how the burn is smooth and beautiful.

Re-centering wicks is the best way to maintain a burning candle. The wicks should be trimmed to about 7mm from the wax. A candle wick requires trimming between burns or if the candle has been burning continuously for two or more hours.

In addition, keep scented candles out of reach of children. If there is black residue on the glass of your candle jar, dampen a piece of paper towel and wipe clean.

It’s important to follow all of the burning instructions and take care when burning a candle. You should never pick up a burning candle or one that has just been a light as the glass gets very hot. There are also many calming effects of candlelight and the soft flicker of a flame is perfect when you enjoying a moment of silence.

Candles add warmth and atmosphere and come in dozens of shapes and sizes, perfect for any space. Choose high quality candles that will burn evenly and not break or leak over your furniture.