What’s the difference between aromatherapy candles and regular scented candles

What’s the difference between aromatherapy candles and regular scented candles?

You can buy a lot of available essential oil candles in market or online. From the table to the bathroom, more aromatherapy candles can be found, the price of aromatherapy candles is also different. A limited edition of France candles weighing 800 grams, can be sold with $335, but in small commodity wholesale market, you can buy a lot only in a dozen. Is there too much difference? In fact, the main difference lies in the difference between the raw material and the brand.

The scent of scented candles come from its essential oils and dried flowers. The main difference between aromatherapy candles and regular scented candles is that aromatherapy candles use pricier essential oils. Inferior fragrance oils often contain synthetic ingredients wheras essential oils use natural plant essences and release a continous scent into the air. When you breath in this vapor, it travels into your bloodstream which can result in various health benefits.

Expensive candles are usually made with natural waxy base, such as beeswax, paraffin, palm oil, coconut shell oil, etc., avoiding the chemical composition. These wax – based melting points are so low that a candle can burn for 70 hours. Paraffin is a mixture of advanced alkanes extracted from petroleum, shale oil, or other petroleum distillates. An soybean wax and bee wax sourced from 100% natural material, commonly considered an eco-friendly option because they are a renewable resources. An experienced person even can distinguish paraffin wax candles by naked eye

Most consumers usually think of aromatherapy candle’s shape, color or fragrance are most important element. But for candle manufacturers, the wick makes the candle. there are kinds of material for candle wick, good candle wick is made from 100% pure cotton or wooden wick, which won’t produce uncomfortable white smoke during burning and burn evenly.

Is it enough just a candles? No, the container is the protective umbrella for the aromatherapy candle. More and more candles are burned in containers and candle holders made of glass, metal or other materials and in lanterns as well. The container of extravagant candles are mostly made by famous glass artisans. And for a inferior candle, who cares if he has a container? In detail, it can be said that expensive candles have put a lot of effort.

Made of natural plant fragrance candle is the most healthy, but that not means that scented candle made of paraffin wax is bad, that depends whether the raw materials highly refined and the credibility of the brand. In general, aromatherapy candles are less toxic than regular scented candles and often include natural ingredients such as vegetable oil, soy or beeswax.

Choosing the right aromatherapy candles can be difficult. Not only do you have to settle on the right fragrance, you have to choose the materials, size, and wick to ensure your candle burns as long and as aromatically as possible. At weihaisz.com, we know how hard it can be to sort through all your shopping options, so we’re here to help. If you’re ready to buy a scented candle for your home,contact our sales, you’ll find plenty of tips in our shopping guide.