What Is Reed Diffuser and Its Usages

Reed Diffuser,known as “cane aromatherapy” or “no-fire aroma wick“, is an environmental friendly air refresher and household products popular in Europe, America, Japan and Korea and other counties.

The history of Fragrance Reed Diffuser

For hundreds of years, European and Mediterranean residents have poured their favorite essential oils into empty olive oil bottles to keep their living Spaces fresh.In about 2000, cane aromatherapy became popular in the U.S. market.Media and TV shows (such as Oprah Winfrey) begin to promote cane aromatherapy to create a better scent of living space.The reed diffuser has gained more recognition and affection from the European and American people.

In the early decades ago,there are businessmen from Hongkong invest manufactures to process aromatherapy products in mainland China.China has been the main processing base and export countries of global cane fragrance. The aroma products factory is becoming more and more and the aromatherapy products exported from all over the world.In recent years as the government and people concerned about the environmental protection consciousness, the aroma diffuser manufactures is becoming more and more standardized and the aromatic solvent raw materials have changed from the beginning of water, alcohol to the essence of dilution solvent now.

Previously imported aromatherapy products were expensive and consumption goods for middle-class in China.In recent years, as people living standard rising and the love for fashionable life, more and more manufactures pay attention to the domestic market, more and more aromatherapy products were developed and the price also will have slashed.Now even at home,you can purchase reed diffuser only a few dollars online that can last one to three months.

The Principle of Fragrance Reed Diffuser

The product of aromatherapy liquid is diffused into the air through a certain medium (such as rattan, grass flower, cotton cord, etc.).The air is filled with fragrance to improve the air and the pleasing effect of body and mind


Usually simple combinations only require a container, a cane, aromatherapy essential oil.

Containers: usually glass bottles, ceramic bottles, plastic bottles

Cane: usually white cane, willow/vine, reed

Aromatherapy essential oils: essential oils or diluted artificial oils.


Open the cork and dip one end of the cane into the aromatherapy solution, then remove it and put the other end into the bottle.If it is used in a small space (such as a bathroom), insert a small number of cane sticks to achieve the effect;If it is placed in a large space, the number of cane can be increased appropriately.When aromatherapy is used, it can be replenished, and the cane can be used.


1.Few aromatherapy liquid is flammable, but still need to be kept away from open fire.

2.The aromatherapy liquid should avoid direct intake of the body or eyes, and should seek medical attention if the contact is unwell.

3. Use it in a safe place that children can’t reach.