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With efficient filtration E cigarette filter wick, you can revolutionize your vape. This filter wick features a unique design that actively traps harmful particulates from entering your lungs and allows you to efficiently enjoy your favorite flavors. It also makes sure that tobacco smoke is filtered out for a smooth, healthy, and tasteful session every time. Feel free to get quotation if need bulk E cigarette filter wick or looking for reliable E cigarette filter wick supplier.

E Cigarette Filter Wick, cigarette wick

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Cylindrical hollow, oil storage cotton wick with uniform pores,

good air permeability, strong oil absorption

Wholesale oil storage cotton electronic accessories, oil guide cotton atomizer, organic cotton gas filter cotton sheet, oil absorption cotton
Product name: oil storage cotton, cigarette holder oil absorption cotton, oil storage cotton, filter cotton

Product specifications: can be customized according to customer needs
Applications: household appliances, atomizing cores, cigarette holders, smart devices, automotive industry, etc.

Features: good absorption and oil conductivity, cushioning, shock absorption, oil storage, oil absorption, aging resistance, etc.
Priority material, strong stability, high temperature resistance, fast oil absorption, good taste, not easy to aging. Fine workmanship, clean and tidy, no deformation, no pollution, suitable for household

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