Yellow Fiber Reed Diffuser Stick

Product Features

Yellow Fiber Reed Diffuser Stick

Smooth appearance,  Good elasticity,  Stable volatile

Porosity uniform distribution; strong water absorption and storage capacity,

Not water-soluble, non-stick block, keep the evaporation rate of water consistency

Supporting various types of perfume, liquid and other water solvents,

Non-toxic, Green environment-friendly products

Free Sample. Good water absorption and stable volatile.

Customize the solution according to the the product’s quantity, size, material, and color.

With yellow fiber home fragrance reeds for sunny atmosphere is made from high-quality materials, these reeds are carefully woven using specially designed processes to ensure that each bundle lasts for months. Unlike synthetic fragrances, these natural scents are free of toxic chemicals and irritants, providing you with cleaner air and a healthier environment throughout the warmer months of the year. Get ready to enjoy an atmosphere full of sunshine-infused aromas, email now.

Technical Specifications

Diameter: 2-20mm

Length: 10~250 mm.  Also can make according to your requirement.

Material: polyster

Density: can make according to your need.

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