Flame Aroma Diffuse For Enchanting Atmosphere

Product Features

Aroma Diffuser with essential Oil

Flame Aroma Diffuser

Automatic fragrance,
intelligent volume control


Five-speed control, Optional concentration
Automatic fragrance, intelligent control

Five colors perfume
Ultrasonic atomization, the fragrance is released instantly

Delicate atomization concentration is suitable

This unique flame aroma diffuses for an enchanting atmosphere and infuses your living space with subtle scents that will help you relax and feel at peace. The durable ceramic matte finish keeps it looking stylish and elegant as it delicately diffuses even the strongest scent in minutes. Get a quotation from Weihai now for the stunning array of fragrances.

Technical Specifications

Working voltage: 3.7 ~ 5V

Rated power: 1 w

Power supply: 500mAh lithium battery

Essential Oil Capacity: 50 ml

Atomization area: 50m2

Material: ABS

How it works: Ultrasonic atomization

Net weight: 96g

Dimensions: 196.5 x 67.5 x 35.5 mm

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