How to choose the best reed aroma diffuser?

Reed Diffuser, referred as “cane aromatherapy” or “no-fire aroma wick”, is an environmental friendly air refresher. This diffuser is made using a small container filled with essential oil. Some people think most of them make no difference in essence actually, that I bought one casually without choice and put it on the table in my room, It will work. In fact, every reed aroma diffuser from different factories and brands are quite different. Here are some tips on how to choose the best reed aroma diffuser whether you are in the market or online?

  • Original External Design

When you step into a aromatherapy shop, the bottle of aroma diffuser may be the first factor that affects your purchase. The home fragrance industry is constantly evolving to incorporate new ideas to break away from traditional scenting options, compared with mainstream glass bottles, today’s aromatherapy bottles are made of various materials and shapes. As for the bottle,

  • Essential oil

Skip any oil brands that include “fragrance oil”, “perfume oil”,or “mineral oil”. Also, Essential oils should come in small, dark bottles. Be wary of any that come in clear bottles since exposure to sunlight can damage the oil. Finally, avoid bottle that come with a rubber dropper. Some oils can degrade the dropper, leading the rubber contaminate the oil.

When the essential oil has been chosen, begin by using a few drops of essential oil in the bottle until you have a better sense of how much oil you need. Then dip one end of the reed into the bottle, it will absorb enough essential oil after few minutes, then put the other end into the bottle and place it where you want to.

  • Reed wicks

The materials used for reed diffuser wicks have also been targeted to ensure they comply with the current demand for clean home fragrances. Reed, carbon fiber and wood charcoal wicks maintain even burning every time they are lit. It is necessary to replace the cane regularly. It is generally recommended to replace the cane once every 1-3 months. Nowadays atificial flower diffusers became one of fabulously original ideas. Put the end of path in the glass bottle or a quick spritz on the petals making it into a hassle-free decorative fragrance option for your home. Reeds or other porous wicks placed in the oil to draw it up so that it can evaporate into the air, this type of diffuser is a subtle and effective way of dispersing essential oils.