Fragrance Dispenser Perfect Scent Solution for Home & Office



Automatischer Duft,
intelligente Lautstärkeregelung


Fünf-Gang-Regelung, optionale Konzentration
Automatischer Duft, intelligente Steuerung

3 colors perfume
Ultraschallzerstäubung, der Duft wird sofort freigesetzt

Feinste Zerstäubungskonzentration ist geeignet

A fragrance dispenser is a perfect scent solution, that can change the way you scent your home and office! Beyond its sophisticated design and features, this fragrance dispenser caters to your needs in terms of choice. Feel free to contact us whether you’re into subtle floral notes to lighten up your morning or earthy / woody scents for welcome guests.

Technische Daten

Working voltage: 2.8 ~ 3.2V

Power supply: No. 5 battery

Material: ABS/PP/PETG

Net weight: 112 g

Dimensions: 105 x 105 x 39 mm

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