5 Types of essential oil diffuser for use in car

Driving is a stressful activity and many people spend hours a day commuting in their cars, the   comfortable scent do make your time in the car more enjoyable. Just imagine opening the door of your car after a busy day at work, you’re exhausted and just go home early. You take a deep breath and feel almost instantly relaxed, calm and re-energized. Here well collected most popular essential oil products for use in vehicle.

  • Essential oil Vent Clip-on

Vent Clip-on freshener isn’t new and it appears for many years. With the essential oil freshener popularization, essential oil vent clip-on diffuser was recognized and loved by vehicle owner with its cost-effective and environment friendly. As the name implies, the diffuser is clipped onto the air vents of car. They are incredibly efficient for use and can last for a long time, as it only released the fragrance when you turn on the air from the vents. If you switch on your AC, it’s even better. The cold air mixed with the distinct scent of essential tends to stay in your car for way longer.

  • Hanging Essential Oil Pendant

The Pendant consisted of essential oil and a cotton rope or something. They prove to be incredibly easy to use because it can easily hanging in the rearview mirror within your vehicle. Thanks to its eco-friendly and fashionable design, it is approved by many car-enthusiasts. It is perfect for those Taxi drivers because it’s lower price. This hanging-on diffuser aren’t that effective at eliminating strong odors in the car. However, you do get to leverage longevity, as the soap chip can last way longer than vent clip-on diffusers. If you aren’t looking to spend lots of money, you can always opt for the classic hanging aroma diffuser.

  • Plug-in Essential Oil Wick

Similar to Vent Clip-on diffuser, essential oil wick is suitable for vehicle owners who are smokers, travel with kids or have pets. This type of air freshener requires the insertion of a wick into the bottle. Once you push the wick to the plastic top, you can place it on your car’s air vents. These products are available in multi or single-scented variants, but emit a fragrance that stays for a long amount of time. It doesn’t fade away easily and offers a lot of longevity. Oil wick air fresheners work best for RVs and large vehicles, especially if you are planning to travel over long distances.

I think why so popular were those essential oils diffusers is because its excellent advantages. It can provide beneficial effect without potentially harmful side effects on the driver. The pure natural oils can purify the air in your car, repel mosquitoes and other insects, help clear nasal passages, and improve the quality of your car. In addition, with the help of an essential oil diffuser, you can create your own personalized scents and blends out of several different essential oils that can be accessed online.