4 simple tips on how to identify car liquid perfume quality

I believe that many drivers have the habit of placing perfume in the car, right? Actually car perfume has become an essential item in the car. So, how to choose a good car perfume for your car, this is a question, today we would like to share some knowledge with you on how to identify good quality and bad quality liquid perfume for car.

Liquid car perfume can not only make the atmosphere inside the car become fresh, but also has the functions of odor removal, disinfection etc. However, inferior liquid car perfume not only does not have those good effects, but will endanger our health. Most of these liquid car perfume are mixed with chemical spice and industrial alcohol. Even if the perfume packaging marked with “natural floral ingredients,” but that is just a glance.

These chemical fragrances contain aromatic benzene ring compounds. Accompanied by alcohol, they exert a strong stimulus on human organs, especially the respiratory system, causing passengers inside the car to experience symptoms such as cough, vomiting and dizziness, as well as endangering their health and driving safety. If long-term breathing in this environment, it may lead to the olfactory slow, vision loss and other unpredictable vicious circle.

At the same time, some low-quality liquid perfumes also contain Phosphates that allow the fragrance to persist. This chemical is definitely a male killer, which can reduce sperm motility and even death. The EU has banned the addition of phosphates in perfumes and other cosmetics, but in many countries, this situation is still very common. So from this point of view, choose a good liquid car perfume becomes more important.

The selection of liquid car perfume, first start from the packaging. Officially produced liquid car perfume, the package with clear logo, and perfume bottle with exquisite appearance. At the same time, the perfume must come with product name, manufacturer name, manufacturing address and contact information. After opening the perfume, the fragrance of good quality liquid car perfume is pure, can bring a pleasant feeling, while the poor quality liquid perfume for car will have a pungent smell, the color will gradually lighten after exposure to the sun.

Below are four simple ways to identify good quality or bade quality car liquid perfumes:

1. Identify by color: Most liquid perfumes are transparent, if you see the liquid car perfume has a very unnatural bright colors, then it is likely to be the deployment of pigment and flavoring;

2. Identify by smell: take a tasteless note, fetch small amount of liquid perfume drops on the test paper, first sigh, ensure no headache feeling after scent, then deeply breath and there is still no uncomfortable reaction, basically we can determine it as good car perfume. Liquid perfume smell is multi layered, low-quality car perfume smell is not lasting and single;

3. Identify by dropping: Take a drop of car liquid perfume and drops on colorless or odorless white paper or facial tissue for a whole night, observe the volatility in the morning, if there is no mark, then it is a good quality liquid perfume for car. Conversely, iron-containing liquid perfumes may leave a faint brownish yellow mark, while citrus liquid perfumes will leave a yellowish blot;

4.Identify by stratification: drop 6-8 liquid perfume drops into 5 ml pure water, high purity liquid perfume will naturally layered . Because good quality liquid car perfume is not soluble in water, after mixing, the water part is still very clear. Low purity or poor quality liquid car perfume dripping into the water after turbidity, stratification is not obvious.

Note: In addition to rose, tea, lavender and a few other liquid perfumes, the vast majority of car liquid perfume can not be directly dropped on the skin, otherwise it will cause harm to the skin, we suggests user take protective measures when doing above test.